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Gene Review

PCL8  -  Pcl8p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: P1745, PHO85 cyclin-8, YPL219W
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High impact information on PCL8

  • Deletion of PCL8 and PCL10 corrected the deficit in glycogen synthase activity in both the snf1 and glc7-1 mutants, but glycogen synthesis was restored only in the glc7-1 mutant strain [1].
  • However, unlike pho85 mutants, pcl8 pcl10 cells had normal morphologies, grew on glycerol, and showed proper regulation of acid phosphatase gene expression [1].
  • Furthermore, glc7-R121K is also lethal when combined with deletions of pcl6, plc7, pcl8, and pcl10, indicating that these related cyclins redundantly activate Pho85 for Glc8 phosphorylation in vivo [2].
  • This suggested the existence of inputs from Pho85p into glycogen storage, independent of Pcl8p and Pcl10p, and acting antagonistically [3].

Biological context of PCL8


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