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Pho85 phosphorylates the Glc7 protein phosphatase regulator Glc8 in vivo.

The budding yeast Glc7 serine/threonine protein phosphatase-1 is regulated by Glc8, the yeast ortholog of mammalian phosphatase inhibitor-2. In this work, we demonstrated that similarly to inhibitor-2, Glc8 function is regulated by phosphorylation. The cyclin-dependent protein kinase, Pho85, in conjunction with the related cyclins Pcl6 and Pcl7 comprise the major Glc8 kinase in vivo and in vitro. Several glc7 mutations are dependent on the presence of Glc8 for viability. For example, glc7 alleles R121K, R142H, and R198D are lethal in combination with a glc8 deletion. We found that glc7-R121K is lethal in combination with a pho85 deletion. This finding indicates that Pho85 is the sole Glc8 kinase in vivo. Furthermore, glc7-R121K is also lethal when combined with deletions of pcl6, plc7, pcl8, and pcl10, indicating that these related cyclins redundantly activate Pho85 for Glc8 phosphorylation in vivo. In vitro kinase assays and genetic results indicate that Pho85 cyclins Pcl6 and Pcl7 comprise the predominant Glc8 kinase.[1]


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