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Gene Review

avrRpm1  -  AVR RPM1

Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola str. M6

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Disease relevance of avrRpm1


High impact information on avrRpm1

  • Our studies indicate that R genes of the protein kinase class may not evolve rapidly in response to pathogen pressure and rather that their ability to recognize specific Avr proteins can be highly conserved [3].
  • However, complementation studies using Psm M6C demonstrated an obvious virulence function only for avrRpm1. pFKN can integrate and excise from the chromosome of Psm M6 at low frequency via homologous recombination between identical sequence segments located on the chromosome and on pFKN [4].
  • Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola strain M6 (Psm M6) carries the avrRpm1 gene, encoding a type III effector, on a 40 kb plasmid, pFKN [4].
  • These deficiencies can be corrected in a merodiploid containing a wild-type avrRpm1 allele, and are not observed following gene-replacement with avrRpm1::Tn3-Spice alleles containing insertions just beyond the 3' terminus of the avirulence gene open reading frame [1].

Biological context of avrRpm1

  • In contrast, siz1 plants were not resistant to Pst DC3000 expressing avrRpm1, a bacterial avirulence determinant that responds to the NDR1-dependent CC-NBS-type R gene [5].


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