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Genes, vpr

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Disease relevance of Genes, vpr

  • The tomato disease resistance (R) gene Pto specifies race-specific resistance to the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv tomato carrying the avrPto gene [1].
  • The N gene for resistance to Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a member of the Toll-interleukin receptor (TIR)-NBS-LRR class of plant disease resistance (R) genes that recognizes the helicase domain from the TMV replicase [2].
  • We investigated the DNA of 29 unrelated pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency (PKD) patients from Central Europe with hereditary nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia for mutations in the PK-L/R gene [3].
  • Besides, the treatment of Fc gamma RII(-) thymoma cells BW5147 with 5-azacytidine induced a hypomethylation of the beta Fc gamma R gene concomitantly with the transcription of that gene as seen by Northern blotting and the expression of functional Fc gamma RII [4].
  • SLH1 is identical to the R gene RRS1-R of the Arabidopsis ecotype Nd-1, a gene which confers resistance to the bacterial pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum GMI1000 and also functions as an R gene to this pathogen in No-0 [5].

High impact information on Genes, vpr

  • Barley Rar1 is a convergence point in the signaling of resistance to powdery mildew, triggered by multiple race-specific resistance (R) genes [6].
  • We recently discovered that an inactivating point mutation in the FSH receptor (R) gene causes a recessively inherited form of hypergonadotropic ovarian failure in homozygous females [7].
  • The maize C1 gene, which also encodes a Myb homolog, activates both the A1 and Bz1 genes, but only in the presence of a basic-helix-loop-helix coactivator encoded by the maize genes R or B [8].
  • In mice there are four R genes (encoding RI alpha, RI beta, RII alpha, and RII beta) and two C gene (encoding C alpha and C beta), expressed in tissue-specific patterns [9].
  • Lending support to this idea, the solvent-exposed amino acid residues of leucine-rich repeats, a region of R-genes involved in recognizing pathogens, often evolve at unusually fast rates [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Genes, vpr


Biological context of Genes, vpr


Anatomical context of Genes, vpr

  • The R gene product, a transglycosylase, is released through the pore to the periplasm, resulting in destruction of the peptidoglycan and bursting of the cell [18].
  • Differential effects of interferon-gamma and glucocorticoids on Fc gamma R gene expression in murine macrophages [19].
  • In perspective, viral PDGF beta R gene transfer to keratinocytes may be a useful approach in studies of receptor tyrosine kinase mediated skin repair and epithelialization [20].
  • The timing of lysis depends upon gene t and upon one or more rapid-lysis (r) genes whose inactivation prevents lysis inhibition. t encodes a holin that mediates the movement of the T4 endolysin though the inner cell membrane to its target, the cell wall [21].
  • Regulated transcription of the maize Bronze-2 promoter in electroporated protoplasts requires the C1 and R gene products [22].

Associations of Genes, vpr with chemical compounds

  • Although the predicted RPW8.1 and RPW8.2 proteins are different from the previously characterized R proteins, they induce localized, salicylic acid-dependent defenses similar to those induced by R genes that control specific resistance [23].
  • The rps5-1 mutation causes a glutamate-to-lysine substitution in the third LRR and partially compromises the function of several R genes that confer bacterial and downy mildew resistance [24].
  • In ethyl methanesulfonate-treated cells, the beta Fc gamma R gene was remethylated and the corresponding transcript was no more detectable [4].
  • Both alpha Fc gamma R gene transcripts and corresponding protein products became detectable in 5-azacytidine-treated cells [25].
  • The 'S' and 'R' genes are identical in nucleotide sequence except for an A to G transition, predicting a Ser to Gly change at codon 264 [26].

Gene context of Genes, vpr

  • In Arabidopsis thaliana, resistance to both bacterial and fungal pathogens, mediated by several R gene products, requires the NDR1 gene [27].
  • Despite this function, RPM1 encodes a protein sharing molecular features with recently described single-specificity R genes [28].
  • In Arabidopsis thaliana, EDS1 is indispensable for the function of these R genes [29].
  • CONCLUSION: The results of the present study support the hypothesis that there is an association between the TNFRII 196 M/R gene polymorphism and the functional severity of early RA [30].
  • The characterization of RPS4 presented here thus establishes a role for TIR-NBS-LRR R genes in resistance to bacterial pathogens, and provides evidence for the model that dependence of R genes on EDS1 is determined by R protein structure, and not by pathogen type [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genes, vpr


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