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Gene Review

recJ  -  ssDNA exonuclease, 5' --> 3'-specific

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK2887, JW2860
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Disease relevance of recJ


High impact information on recJ

  • The products of the recJ and recQ genes process the blocked replication forks before the resumption of replication and may affect the fidelity of the recovery process [4].
  • The Escherichia coli recJ gene product was overproduced using a plasmid that carries the recJ gene downstream of a strong regulatable promoter and a strong ribosome-binding site [5].
  • This polypeptide was induced with recJ overexpression and had the size and N-terminal amino acid sequence identical to the predicted RecJ protein sequence [5].
  • The ability of recJ mutation to suppress the Rap- phenotype indicates that RecJ exonuclease can participate in Red-mediated recombination, at least in the absence of Rap function [6].
  • Indirect but not direct stimulation was also dependent on recJ (coding for a 5'-to-3' exonuclease specific for single-stranded DNA) regardless of sbcA or sbcB configuration [7].

Biological context of recJ

  • Nucleotide sequence of the Escherichia coli recJ chromosomal region and construction of recJ-overexpression plasmids [1].
  • We show that conjugational recombination and DNA repair after UV and gamma irradiation in this mutant are highly dependent on recJ, partially dependent on recFOR, and independent of recQ [8].
  • Comparison of the sequence of this region of the chromosome with DNA data bases identified the gene immediately downstream of recJ as prfB, which encodes translational release factor 2 and has been mapped near recJ at 62 min [1].
  • Mutation of the recJ gene of the host partially suppresses the Rap- phenotype [6].

Associations of recJ with chemical compounds

  • One of these, infC135, with an arginine-to-proline change at amino acid 131, completely restores a wild-type phenotype to recJ GUA initiation codon mutants and acts in a semidominant fashion [9].

Other interactions of recJ

  • However, protein sequence comparisons with a gene upstream of recJ, denoted xprB, revealed significant homology with several site-specific recombination proteins [1].
  • Consistent with this interpretation was the observation that the cpeA mutant phenotype was less pronounced in recF, recJ and recO mutants [10].


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