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Gene Review

gcvT  -  aminomethyltransferase, tetrahydrofolate...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK2900, JW2873
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Disease relevance of gcvT


High impact information on gcvT

  • DNase I footprint analysis showed that CRP binds and protects two sites centered at bp -313 (site 1) and bp -140 (site 2) relative to the transcription initiation site, but a mutational analysis demonstrated that only site 1 is required for CRP-mediated regulation of gcvT-lacZ expression [2].
  • However, bacteria harboring the plasmid that contained the gcv operon without the promoter region and the 5' terminal portion of gcvT failed to overexpress any of the three components [3].
  • The presence of a potential promoter preceding gcvT and a typical rho-independent terminator sequence following gcvP indicated that the three genes constitute a single operon [3].
  • When gcvT was inactivated by insertion of a translation terminator sequence, the Mr 43,300 dalton polypeptide was not observed [1].


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