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Gene Review

tnaA  -  tryptophanase/L-cysteine desulfhydrase,...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK3701, JW3686, ind
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Disease relevance of tnaA

  • When a tnaA-disrupted E. coli strain expressing the altered cysE gene was transformed with a plasmid carrying the bcr gene, the transformant exhibited more L-cysteine production than cells carrying the vector only [1].
  • For this purpose, lambda cI857 ind prophage, which can be induced by heat but not by ultraviolet light, was used [2].

High impact information on tnaA

  • The tnaA promoter is activated when located near the origin of replication, suggesting a differential effect of gyrase inactivation on various chromosomal domains [3].
  • Tryptophanase, encoded by the gene tnaA, is a catabolic enzyme distinct from the enzymes of tryptophan biosynthesis [4].
  • The mRNA produced in vitro was fingerprinted, and the nucleotide at which transcription was initiated was localized to the vicinity of two guanine residues 316 and 318 base pairs upstream of tnaA [5].
  • Sequence data suggested that a second structural gene of unknown function was located distal to tnaA and may be in the same operon [6].

Associations of tnaA with chemical compounds

  • The pattern of codon usage in tnaA was intermediate between codon usage in four of the ribosomal protein structural genes and the structural genes for three of the tryptophan biosynthetic proteins [6].


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