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Postal Service

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Disease relevance of Postal Service

  • An intervention study in Spanish postal service workers demonstrated that replacement of usual care with rizatriptan reduced the mean per-patient cost of lost productivity per migraine attack from 34.47 euros (2001/2002 values) before the intervention to 13.94 euros and 4.59 euros for the first and second post-intervention migraine attacks [1].

High impact information on Postal Service

  • RESULTS: A multivariate Cox regression model found that older age, longer prior length of Estraderm use, progestin use, and patronage of a mail-order pharmacy were associated with increased continuance [2].
  • In fact, cocaine was freely available in drug stores, saloons, from mail-order vendors, and even in grocery stores [3].
  • More Than Just the Postal Service: Novel Roles for IFT Proteins in Signal Transduction [4].
  • FTC report on mail-order PBMs "gives green light to policymakers" [5].
  • Results were from mail order charcoal canisters, bulk orders from RMP certified companies for their placement, wholesales to retail vendors, and also direct home placement of canisters, track detectors, and continuous radon monitors [6].

Associations of Postal Service with chemical compounds

  • We report a fatality resulting from the ingestion of mail order diet pills containing caffeine as their only active ingredient [7].
  • Because of the limitations of proficiency testing involving mail-distribution samples and the impracticality of extensive testing with blind samples on a national level, the Center for Disease Control proposes to compliment its regular proficiency testing program with a monitored, onsite program of performance evaluation [8].
  • The Empire Plan's prescription drug benefits program is building quality and saving money by integrating DUE, prior authorization, education, community pharmacy, and mail-order service [9].

Gene context of Postal Service

  • Cognitive ergonomics of a mail order filling company: Part 2--influence of shelf coding and address information on acquisition time [10].


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