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Prescriptions, Drug

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  • Among prescription drug users, 16% also took an herbal/supplement; the rate of concurrent use was highest for fluoxetine users, at 22% [11].
  • RESULTS--Assuming the Medicare-approved charge for a follow-up visit ($21.98), it is less expensive to begin therapy with a prescription drug only if the efficacy rate of miconazole is less than 55%; this threshold efficacy rate varied from 26% (for a $0 total cost of the follow-up visit) to 79% (for an $89 total cost of the follow-up visit) [12].
  • A nicotine gum has been approved as a prescription drug to help smokers stop smoking [13].
  • Brain fluvoxamine concentration in the children was lower, consistent with a lower dose/body mass drug prescription; when brain concentration was adjusted for dose/mass, age effects were no longer significant [14].
  • Intravenous methylphenidate abuse. Prototype for prescription drug abuse [15].

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