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Psychology, Clinical

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  • PARTICIPANTS: Medical students at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) and University of Kentucky College of Medicine; students in clinical psychology, nursing and other health-related professions at Rutgers University; school nurses at Texas Christian University; practicing physicians; accredited sleep specialists [2].
  • The Clinical Psychology (Division 12) Task Force now evaluates psychological interventions and publishes an updated list of ESTs on a yearly basis [3].
  • The current study extended previous research by Bach and Hayes (2002. The use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to prevent the rehospitalization of psychotic patients: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 70, 1129-1139) using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in the treatment of psychosis [4].
  • This article introduces the issue of Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session devoted to ADHD in teens and adults [5].
  • We comment on the article by C.R. Snyder and T.R. Elliott, "Twenty-First Century Graduate Education in Clinical Psychology: A Four Level Matrix Model" (this issue, PP. 1033-1054) [6].

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  • In a follow-up analysis to the short-term weight change results reported in a previous paper [Doherty, Militello, Kinnunen, & Garvey (1996), Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 64:799-807], we examined the effects of the nicotine gum on weight change for 1 year after cessation among the 92 1-year abstainers [7].

Gene context of Psychology, Clinical

  • A survey of the instructors of the initial psychotherapy course in APA accredited clinical psychology programs investigated the relationship between theoretical orientation and 33 items assessing metatheoretical assumptions, operating constructs, and active components emphasized in psychotherapy instruction [8].
  • This study explores the relevance of multicultural training to White and ethnic minority graduate students in accredited clinical psychology programs [9].
  • This article presents an outline of 13 research studies which were carried out in the 1980s at the Clinical Psychology Division of the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana [10].
  • I also include a brief description of the CD-ROM Clinical Psychology Uses of Virtual Reality (CPUVR) that accompanies my thesis [11].
  • To observe the level of concordance between problems identified by GPs in the referral letter, and primary treatment targets identified by Clinical Psychologists following assessment within an NHS Clinical Psychology Department. 2. To examine whether concordance between GP and Psychologist varies for different psychological problem areas [12].


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