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Conflict of Interest

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Associations of Conflict of Interest with chemical compounds

  • Conflict of interest and the credibility of nicotine and tobacco research [6].
  • This article is one of three in this issue of Academic Medicine that deal with issues of conflict of interest in university-industry research relationships [7].
  • Conflict of interest and purpose in bilirubin screening [8].
  • Unfortunately, ideological and social implications, as well as the conflict of interest with illegal narcotic manufacturers and distributors, may considerably hamper the progress in combating addiction (e.g. difficulties in introduction of methadone) [9].
  • Although the Discounting, Target Population, Economic Evaluation, Conclusions, and Comparators domains exhibited good quality (0.74 to 0.78), the papers were of poor quality for Conflict of Interest, Incremental Analysis, and Perspective (0.32 to 0.39) [10].

Gene context of Conflict of Interest


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