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Disease relevance of Chancre


High impact information on Chancre

  • Chancres in untreated animals were dark-field positive throughout the 16-day observation period; all benzathine penicillin-treated rabbits were dark-field negative 1 day after the initiation of therapy [3].
  • Chancre redux or reinfection? A case report in an HIV-positive man [4].
  • An HIV-positive heterosexual man presented with a recurrent penile chancre, 20 months after treatment with intramuscular procaine benzyl penicillin [4].
  • For example, B17, part of the 'busoga' group of isolates and a zymodeme identified from central areas of Busoga during outbreaks of sleeping sickness, is associated with severe early features and a high frequency of presentation with a chancre [5].
  • Cattle infected with cyclically (tsetse)-transmitted clones of Trypanosoma congolense were treated with the trypanocidal drug diminazene aceturate ('Berenil') at various intervals during development of local skin reactions (chancres), in order to investigate the role played by trypanosomes in the skin in the induction of protective immunity [6].


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