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Disease relevance of Lymphangitis


High impact information on Lymphangitis

  • Adult worms were observed in the lymphatics of the infected scid mice, where their presence was associated with lymphangitis and lymphangiectasia [6].
  • By contrast, increased serum concentrations of soluble intercellular (sICAM-1, CD54), but not of vascular cell (sVCAM-1, CD106), adhesion molecules were observed in sera of patients with bacterial lymphangitis used as controls [7].
  • Nonvenereal sclerosing lymphangitis is a rare penile lesion consisting of a minimally tender, indurated cord involving the coronal sulcus and occasionally adjacent distal penile skin [8].
  • In the eyelid, MRS is characterized histopathologically by a granulomatous lymphangitis, a finding that seems to be unique to this condition [9].
  • Lymphangitis as a complication of intralesional bleomycin therapy [10].

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