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Aphasia, Broca

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High impact information on Aphasia, Broca

  • Bromocriptine, a dopamine agonist, was tested on four patients, two men and two women, with nonfluent aphasia [4].
  • The Trace-Deletion Hypothesis (henceforth TDH; Grodzinsky 1986, 1995) states that syntactic traces are deleted in agrammatism and that whenever a trace is deleted, a default strategy is activated [5].
  • The hypothesis that closed-class items which participate in theta-role assignment are less problematic in agrammatism than items which do not (Rizzi, 1985) is put to an empirical test [6].
  • His neurological condition was lethargic (Glasgow Coma Scale of 13) with nonfluent aphasia [7].

Gene context of Aphasia, Broca

  • An isolated neurological deficit, motor aphasia, persisted after recovery from the coma [8].


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