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High impact information on Hysteroscopes

  • Tubal sterilization was performed by placing the device with the aid of a 5.2-mm continuous-flow operative hysteroscope [1].
  • Hysteroscope for CO2 laser application [2].
  • Transcervical tubal occlusion with a steerable hysteroscope: implantation of devices into extirpated human uteri [3].
  • We use a 3.5- or 4.9-mm Olympus flexible hysteroscope with a failure rate below 3% for office or hospital ambulatory procedures without anesthesia or cervical dilatation [4].
  • DESIGN: Prospective and parallel observational interindividual evaluation of flexible minihysteroscope and standard hysteroscope for diagnostic hysteroscopy (Canadian Task Force classification II-3) [5].

Anatomical context of Hysteroscopes

  • Four hundred amnioscopies were performed from April to December 1984 using a 6 mm contact hysteroscope to detect the presence of intrauterine meconium on 360 high risk obstetric patients [6].

Associations of Hysteroscopes with chemical compounds

  • However, the use of a chemical, such as methyl cyanoacrylate, delivered by hysteroscope, or possibily by a blind method, does seem to be most promising as a new clinical technique shortly [7].
  • A flexible hysteroscope with a 100-W Nd:YAG laser was used with glycine-controlled flow [8].

Gene context of Hysteroscopes

  • The steerability of the hysteroscope has advantage irrespective of the method to achieve transcervical tubal occlusion as it allows coaxial alignment of the delivery [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hysteroscopes

  • This report describes the use of a flexible instrument that can be introduced through a rigid hysteroscope for the purpose of hysteroscopic tubal cannulation [9].


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