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Disease relevance of Hysteroscopy


High impact information on Hysteroscopy

  • Bleeding diaries were collected, hysteroscopies were performed, endometrial biopsies were obtained for standardized histological evaluation, and VEGF histochemical immunostaining (H)-scores were assigned [6].
  • The current study evaluated TF levels in endometrial bleeding (BL) and nonbleeding (NBL) sites obtained by camera-guided hysteroscopy during Norplant contraception [7].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: The authors prospectively examined 138 women receiving tamoxifen by using transvaginal US, hysterosonography, and office hysteroscopy [8].
  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible effect of the antihypertensive agent nifedipine (a calcium channel antagonist) on the endometrium of asymptomatic menopausal women by using transvaginal sonography, hysteroscopy, and endometrial sampling [9].
  • The ATAC ('Arimidex', Tamoxifen, Alone or in Combination) adjuvant breast cancer trial: baseline endometrial sub-protocol data on the effectiveness of transvaginal ultrasonography and diagnostic hysteroscopy [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hysteroscopy


Biological context of Hysteroscopy


Anatomical context of Hysteroscopy

  • INTERVENTION(S): Application of lidocaine spray both to the surface of the cervix and into the cervical canal before performing hysteroscopy [21].
  • Hysteroscopy showed a single tubular uterine cavity projecting to the left with a single left tubal ostium, consistent with a unicornuate uterus [22].
  • Forty-nine women (Group I) had standard IVF-embryo transfer, while in 34 women (Group II) hysteroscopy and polypectomy were performed immediately following oocyte retrieval, the suitable embryos were all frozen, and the replacement cycle took place a few months later [23].
  • An occlusive device of gamma polymerized hydrogel, a P-block, was applied in the isthmic part of the oviduct by trans-cervical hysteroscopy [24].
  • In order to mimic the delivery of CO2 into the pelvic circulation during sustained hysteroscopic surgery, direct insufflation of CO2 was done into the femoral vein of six anesthetized ewes [25].

Associations of Hysteroscopy with chemical compounds

  • The use of misoprostol prior to hysteroscopy in postmenopausal women [26].
  • The diagnostic hysteroscopies were performed 4-6 weeks after the miscarriage, using CO2 as medium for uterine distention [27].
  • There were no other significant differences in the outcome of hysteroscopy between the placebo and lignocaine groups, although there was a significant reduction in the use of additional anesthesia in both groups compared with historical controls [28].
  • OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to report transient complications associated with operative hysteroscopy with glycine used as the distending medium [12].
  • In both cases, the injection of dilute vasopressin paracervically when coupled with operative hysteroscopy was quite effective in determining the cause of the bleeding and was instrumental in avoiding major operative procedures [13].

Gene context of Hysteroscopy


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hysteroscopy


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