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Rickettsia felis

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Disease relevance of Rickettsia felis

  • We undertook sequencing and molecular analysis of the rompB gene of Rickettsia felis and a comparison with its homologs in spotted fever group (SFG) and typhus group (TG) rickettsiae, including the complete sequences of two North American flying squirrel strains and two European human strains of Rickettsia prowazekii [1].

High impact information on Rickettsia felis


Biological context of Rickettsia felis

  • Genome analysis of Rickettsia felis highlighted the presence of three patatin-like protein (PLP) genes (pat1, pat2A, and pat2B), whereas only one PLP gene (pat1) is found in the other sequenced rickettsial genomes [7].

Anatomical context of Rickettsia felis


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