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Mice, Biozzi

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High impact information on Mice, Biozzi

  • Monoclonal antibodies directed against human renin were obtained by the fusing of myeloma cells with spleen cells from Balb/c or high-responder Biozzi mice injected with pure tumoral or highly purified renal renin [1].
  • An extensive search for in vivo immunomodulatory genes (Im genes) was made, using highly polymorphic DNA markers (microsatellites), in F2 hybrids between the two lines of mice selected for high (H) or low (L) Ab production (Biozzi mice) [2].
  • Allergen-specific immunogenicity of the mimotopes was proved in Biozzi mice [3].
  • Interactions between H-2 and background genes modulate collagen induced arthritis in high (HI) and low (LI) antibody producer Biozzi mice [4].
  • Tcrb and Tcrg gene polymorphism was investigated in high (H) and low (L) responder Biozzi mice from selection I, II, and GS by Southern blot analysis with appropriate V and C probes [5].

Gene context of Mice, Biozzi

  • Analysis of resistance data of backcrosses of (high x low)F1 with either parental strain showed this genetic control to be at least one other gene in the Biozzi mice, not linked to Ity [6].


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