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Hand Bones

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Disease relevance of Hand Bones


High impact information on Hand Bones

  • Between subjects, shortening ranged from -2 to -10.4 SDS and involved 1-19 hand bones (5.3-100%) [3].
  • The metacarpophalangeal pattern profile (MCPP), a radiological method in which the 19 tubular hand bones are assessed, has been used in the diagnosis of various syndromes [4].
  • The results of bivariate variance decomposition analysis showed no significant genetic and phenotypic correlation between the mineral density of hand bones and IGFBP-3 [5].
  • The feasibility of expressing periosteal resorption (PR) in hand bones quantitatively as a measure of skeletal involvement of hyperparathyroidism, was tested by measuring the length of surface irregularities in medial and lateral surfaces of the middle phlanges of digits II--IV in one hand [6].
  • From hand radiographs, the measurement of the bone density of hand bones is automatically performed, using units relative to an aluminium wedge, in order to know the absorption of the ray light intensity respect to a known substance [7].

Gene context of Hand Bones


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