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Bowman Membrane

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High impact information on Bowman Membrane

  • Analysis of the results and existing data on hyaluronic acid levels in the stroma suggests that Bowman's membrane, the region of anterior stroma that remains uncolonized by cells, is, during this period at least, primary stroma laid down but as yet unswollen [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The IOP measured after PRK for myopia may be reduced because of changes in corneal thickness (absence of Bowman's membrane and central thinning) and topography [2].
  • During the first two to three weeks of healing, the stromal tissue filling the depression formed from the gaping wound, was hypercellular and PAS positive, indicating significantly higher levels of glycoprotein content but no new Bowman's membrane was formed [3].
  • In the normal eye, fibronectin was detected in the corneal stroma and Descemet's membrane, in dorsal and ventral irises and lens capsule but not in Bowman's membrane of the cornea [4].
  • CONCLUSION: Corneal dystrophy of Bowman's membrane has the highest rate of simple recurrence followed by granular and lattice dystrophies, respectively [5].

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Gene context of Bowman Membrane

  • With progressing of the disease, the amyloid increased in amount and Bowman's membrane disappeared [8].
  • RESULTS: The study population consisted of 35 eyes (21 patients) with lattice dystrophy, 17 eyes (10 patients) with corneal dystrophy of Bowman's membrane (CDB), 14 eyes (eight patients) with macular dystrophy, seven eyes (five patients) with granular dystrophy, and four eyes (four patients) diagnosed with Schnyder's crystalline dystrophy [5].
  • AChE-positive fibres were found in stromal nerve trunks from where they penetrated Bowman's membrane and formed a basal epithelial plexus [9].
  • Histopathological examination of the eyes showed dysgenesis of Bowman's membrane, with glycosaminoglycan deposition and a series of structural anomalies that form part of the anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis (ASMD) complex [10].


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