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Descemet Membrane

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  • The Descemet's membrane detachment demonstrated the weak adhesion of the stroma and the Descemet's membrane, probably resulting from a dysfunction of the TGFBI protein caused by the mutation of the TGFBIgene [20].
  • Similar requirements were observed for release of endogenous bFGF stored in Descemet's membrane and of exogenous bFGF sequestered by the subendothelial ECM [21].
  • Four of the patients with pathologic myopia had corneal dystrophy that was bilaterally manifest as white opacities in the posterior stroma near Descemet's membrane in an axial distribution; 1 of these 4 patients also had a tilted disc [22].
  • The arrays lie parallel to the corneal surface and are distributed in the extracellular matrix between Bowman's layer and Descemet's membrane [23].
  • There was no detectable Fn in intact, nonwounded control or intact A-corneas, except for Descemet's membrane [24].

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