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Hospital Administration

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  • This study was conducted to investigate the psychometric characteristics of the FBS using MMPI-2 profiles from six settings: Psychiatric Inpatient (N=6731); Correctional Facility (N=2897); Chronic Pain Program (N=4408); General Medical (N=5080); Veteran's Administration Hospital Inpatient (N=901); and Personal Injury Litigation (N=157) [2].

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  • The CAS will support hospital administration decisions about marketing end products and department managers' decisions about controlling intermediate-product costs [10].
  • However, a truly competent MIS security and/or hospital administration strategy must try to take advantage of the latest technological advancements as they become available [11].
  • PACS managers navigate a facility through the complex sea of issues surrounding a PACS installation by coordinating the efforts of the vendor, radiology staff, hospital administration, and the information technology group [12].


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