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Professional Practice

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High impact information on Professional Practice

  • The guidelines were reviewed by the Professional Practice Committee of the American Diabetes Association. CONTENT: Measurement of plasma glucose remains the sole diagnostic criterion for diabetes [1].
  • RELEVANCE TO CLINICAL OR PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: The ideal treatment for latex sensitization is removal from and avoidance of exposure [2].
  • BACKGROUND: Expert professional practice in any field is known to rely on both explicit (formal) and tacit (personal) forms of knowledge [3].
  • A KASPER report was obtained for 17 of 20 patients from the Kentucky Drug Control and Professional Practices to obtain accurate information on all narcotic prescriptions filled for 1 year prior to surgery until today [4].
  • The multi-ethnic nature of Great Britain requires that professional practice enhances the ability of minority ethnic communities to provide informal care [5].

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