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Group Practice

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Disease relevance of Group Practice

  • METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional survey of community-dwelling patients attending the hypertension section of the Internal Medicine Clinic in a large multispecialty group practice [1].
  • Test sera were introduced as clinical specimens for HIV-1 testing from private practitioners, group practices, clinics, and hospitals in Southern California. A total of 26 laboratories were located throughout California, with six laboratories located in six other states [2].

High impact information on Group Practice

  • Side effects from combination therapy with antibiotics and H2-receptor antagonists and resulting costs were included from the perspective of a group practice model health maintenance organization [3].
  • METHODS: This randomized trial was conducted among 8000 adult patients at 2 multispecialty group practices based in the Boston, Mass, and Los Angeles, Calif, areas [4].
  • To determine the relative impact of CYP2C9 genotype, age, gender, body surface area, concomitant medication, treatment indication and comorbidity, we conducted a retrospective cohort study in 453 patients managed by the anticoagulation service of a large, horizontally integrated, multispecialty group practice [5].
  • All women aged 45-64 from the age and sex register of a large 11,000 general practitioner group practice in Chingford, East London were contacted and responders examined clinically and radiographically for the presence of RA by a single observer [6].
  • During an 8-week period in summer of 1989 all children 2 through 15 years of age seen for well-child examinations at a community pediatric group practice were offered cholesterol screening by finger-stick method [7].

Biological context of Group Practice


Associations of Group Practice with chemical compounds

  • Tolerance to the motor impairment effect of ethanol, however, was retained much longer in the intoxicated practice group following the termination of ethanol treatment [9].
  • Cost and patient data were obtained from Blue Cross records, and medical group practice clinic data were obtained by a survey of those organizations [10].
  • We report on the pattern of use of benoxaprofen (Opren) in a single group practice for a period which included the complete clinical life of the drug [11].
  • Correlates of high preventive activity included group practice, specific register of preventive activities, participation in the Program of Preventive Activities of the Spanish Society of Community and Family Medicine, and specific nursing consultation [12].
  • RESULTS: Baseline CDE recommendation and performance rates were low and were comparable in Control and Intervention Group practices (54 to 57% and 39 to 40%, respectively) [13].

Gene context of Group Practice

  • A survey of five group practices in South London identified 60 male patients currently undergoing treatment for epilepsy [14].
  • SETTINGS: Large multispecialty group practice [15].
  • GPs reported spending an average 16% of practice time on prevention and 79% reported educating patients about lifestyle risk 'most' or 'all of the time'. Solo GPs spent more time on prevention than GPs from group practices [16].
  • The Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities (CD-HCF) dietetic practice group of The American Dietetic Association (ADA) developed 27 documentations/outcome-oriented guidelines for quality assurance [17].
  • Federal anti-referral status raises unanswered questions. Part I: Group practice issues [18].


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