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Light-dependent and rhythmic psbA transcripts in homologous/heterologous cyanobacterial cells.

The psbA2 gene exhibits light-dependent and rhythmic expression in a unicellular cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa (Synechocystis) K-81. To further understand the psbA2 expression, biological analyses were performed in homologous and heterologous cyanobacterial cells. The results of the experiments using the K-81 cells revealed that (i) the light-dependent expression appeared on transcriptional and/or post-transcriptional level(s) under light/dark cycles, (ii) circadian-rhythmic transcripts were also observed under the control of an endogenous clock. To assess whether light-dependent and rhythmic psbA2 expression occurs in heterologous cyanobacterium, Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7942, the K-81 psbA2 5'-upstream region of which the promoter and its around sequences share with those of PCC 7942 psbAII, was fused to the bacterial lacZ reporter gene, introduced into the genome of PCC 7942 and the psbA2 transcripts were directly investigated by primer extension. The K-81 psbA2 specific transcripts were also light-dependent and rhythmic in PCC 7942, strongly demonstrating that a common regulatory mechanism exists per se for the psbA2 expression in both strains. Furthermore, psbA2 expression in the recombinant PCC 7942 strain, AG400 in which the region from -404 to +111 of psbA2 is fused to lacZ, exhibited clear rhythmicity, while very little or no rhythmicity was observed in AG429 (-38 to +14, the only promoter region), suggesting that the region(s) around the promoter was essentially required for clear rhythmic expression.[1]


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