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Clinical evaluation of the bionic glove.

OBJECTIVE: Clinical evaluation of the Bionic Glove, a prototype of a new functional electrical stimulation device designed to improve the function of the paralyzed hand after spinal cord injury. PATIENTS: Twelve people with spinal cord injury at C5-C7 who had used the device 6 months or more. SETTING: Measurements were made at the Institute "Dr Miroslav Zotović" in Belgrade as a part of a multicenter clinical trial. METHODS: Measures include Upper Extremity Function Test, Functional Independence Measure, and Quadriplegia Index of Function. RESULTS: The daily use of a Bionic Glove had two major effects: (1) increasing the power grasp; and (2) increasing the range of movements. Active force was significantly greater than passive tenodesis force, as shown in other studies. Most manual tasks improved significantly with the use of the assistive system, as judged by the time needed to complete a task or the subject's qualitative ratings of a task difficulty. Most subjects who retained some dexterity without the assistive system hesitated to use the assistive system to manipulate small objects. CONCLUSION: The Bionic Glove can significantly improve independence in people with C5-C7 spinal cord injury if their initial Functional Independence Measure and Quadriplegia Index of Function scores are 20% to 50% of the maximum values.[1]


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