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Molecular characterization of the tight junction protein ZO-1 in MDCK cells.

Most of the information on the structure and function of the tight junction (TJ) has been obtained in MDCK cells. Accordingly, we have sequenced ZO-1 in this cell type, because this protein is involved in the response of the TJ to changes in Ca2+, phosphorylation, and the cytoskeleton. ZO-1 of MDCK cells comprises 6805 bp with a predicted open reading frame of 1769 amino acids. This sequence is 92 and 87% homologous to human and mouse ZO-1, respectively. Two nuclear sorting signals located at the PDZ1 and GK domains and 17 SH3 putative binding sites at the proline-rich domain were detected. We found two new splicing regions at the proline-rich region: beta had not been reported in human and mouse counterparts, and gamma, which was previously sequenced in human and mouse ZO-1, is now identified as a splicing region. The expression of different beta and gamma isoforms varies according to the tissue tested. With the information provided by the sequence, Southern blot, and PCR experiments we can predict a single genomic copy of MDCK-ZO-1 that is at least 13.16 kb long. MDCK-ZO-1 mRNA is 7.4 kb long. Its expression is regulated by calcium, while the expression of MDCK-ZO-1 protein is not.[1]


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