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Excretion of sulfobromophthalein in rats with iodomethane-induced depletion of hepatic glutathione.

Male urethane-anesthetized Wistar rats with biliary fistulas were infused for 60 min i.v. with sulfobromophthalein ( BSP) or BSP-glutathione conjugate (BSP-GSH) at 594 nmol/100 g/min. Thirty minutes prior to the start of the infusion, 20 mg/kg iodomethane, dissolved in oliver oil, was given into the duodenum. The control received oil only. At the start of the infusion the hepatic concentration of GSH was 0.96 +/- 0.23 mg/g liver in the iodomethane-treated animals versus 1.93 +/- 0.13 mg/g liver in the control (P less than 0.001). When unconjugated BSP was infused, the excretion of total BSP (unconjugated plus conjugated) was markedly lower in the iodomethane-treated group than in the control. This difference was due solely to differences in biliary appearing conjugated BSP; the excretion of unconjugated BSP was identical in both groups. The different excretion patterns were paralleled by equal hepatic accumulation of total BSP in both groups. The ratio of unconjugated BSP/BSP-GSH in the liver was about twice as high after pretreatment with iodomethane than in the control group. When BSP-GSH instead of BSP was infused, the excretion rates of this dye were identical in both groups. The maximal transport capacity (Tm) was double that observed with infusion of unconjugated BSP in control animals. There is indirect evidence that BSP and BSP-GSH might have different excretion pathways.[1]


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