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Chemical Compound Review

Sulfobromophthalein     2-hydroxy-5-[4,5,6,7- tetrabromo-1-(4...

Synonyms: CHEMBL574431, AG-K-07818, CHEBI:63836, CHEBI:672705, CTK5I6051, ...
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Disease relevance of Sulfobromophthalein


High impact information on Sulfobromophthalein


Biological context of Sulfobromophthalein

  • The Gilbert's syndrome patients studied included all three subtypes, as determined from studies of the plasma disappearance kinetics of sulfobromophthalein and indocyanine green [11].
  • Plasma ALDO concentration was positively correlated with plasma renin (p less than 0.001) but not with serum sodium, potassium or albumin concentration, inferior vena cava pressure, corrected hepatic venous wedge pressure, plasma volume or sulfobromophthalein storage or transport [12].
  • In the presence of cholecystographic agents or sulfobromophthalein (BSP), the amount of labeled hormone bound to adsorbent increased in a dose-dependent fashion, reflecting displacement from protein-binding sites [13].
  • METHODS: Parameters of hepatic function (liver biochemistry, indocyanine green and sulfobromophthalein clearances, histology) were analyzed in 170 consecutive adult recipients, who were followed prospectively on the basis of repeat annual work-up [14].
  • Unbound sulfobromophthalein concentration was estimated according to a three binding site model [15].

Anatomical context of Sulfobromophthalein


Associations of Sulfobromophthalein with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Sulfobromophthalein


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sulfobromophthalein


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