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Bruton's tyrosine kinase controls a sustained calcium signal essential for B lineage development and function.

Genetic data support a role for Btk during the B lineage development transitions regulated by signaling through both the pre-B and the B cell antigen receptors. Dysregulated signaling at each of these transitions can result in failure of these cell populations to proliferate and subsequent cell death. Btk-dependent IP3 production is crucial for maintaining the sustained calcium signal in response to BCR engagement and is likely to regulate a subset of transcriptional events essential for B lineage growth or survival. Identification of these Btk-dependent signals will be important in understanding B cell activation, differentiation, and cell death. This information may lead to therapies specifically targeting these events in B cell autoimmunity or malignancy and provide a fuller understanding of the appropriate target populations and potential negative consequences of Btk gene therapy in XLA. Identification of Btk/Tec family kinases in an increasing number of vertebrate and invertebrate cell lineages suggests that the link between Btk and the PLC gamma/IP3/calcium signaling pathways may be broadly conserved.[1]


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