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Health Services Needs and Demand

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Disease relevance of Health Services Needs and Demand


Psychiatry related information on Health Services Needs and Demand


High impact information on Health Services Needs and Demand

  • Knowledge of CF in the sample of non-carriers has also increased after testing, suggesting screening may improve understanding of CF among the entire target population [8].
  • TARGET POPULATION: Patients 50 years of age with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes (fasting plasma glucose level > or = 7.8 mmol/L [140 mg/dL]) [9].
  • There is therefore an important need to develop new strategies that will allow effectively transduced primitive hematopoietic target populations to be both rapidly characterized and isolated free of residual nontransduced but biologically equivalent cells [10].
  • In addition, the inhibitory effects of IL-4 was also seen in serum-free cultures and in cultures containing highly enriched CD34+, HLA-DR+ cells as a target population [11].
  • However, both GCT-CM and PHA-LCM produced in the presence of hydrocortisone stimulated significantly fewer CFU-Eos in both unfractionated and accessory cell-depleted marrow target populations [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Health Services Needs and Demand

  • Conversely, on the basis of existing data, greater availability of HIV prevention measures attractive to the target population (including especially drug treatment such as methadone maintenance) is likely to be effective and cost-effective [13].
  • The target population for chemoprophylaxis among HIV seropositives includes all Mantoux (PPD) positive individuals who do not have active tuberculosis and could include all PPD negative individuals living in high prevalence region for TB [14].

Biological context of Health Services Needs and Demand

  • Fas ligand (FasL) is a potent proapoptotic type-II transmembrane protein that can cause cell death in Fas+ target populations [15].
  • Interestingly, however, our results demonstrated that enrichment of G(1)/S-phase cells in the target population through the addition of thymidine moderately (approximately 2-fold) increased gene correction compared to cells in other cell cycle phases, including G(0)/G1, G(1), and G(2)/M [16].
  • We used the observed HPRT mutant (variant) frequency (VF) in the studied population and a 4-way first-order interaction statistical model to estimate parameters that describe the influence of exposure, genotypes and the interaction between the two on the HPRT VF in the target population [17].
  • This information may lead to therapies specifically targeting these events in B cell autoimmunity or malignancy and provide a fuller understanding of the appropriate target populations and potential negative consequences of Btk gene therapy in XLA [18].
  • A sample of 120 male cocaine users was recruited from a public health clinic serving the target population in the city of Porto Alegre. The average age of the participants was 29; they averaged less than 8 years of formal education; and less than half (41%) were married [19].

Anatomical context of Health Services Needs and Demand


Associations of Health Services Needs and Demand with chemical compounds

  • HCC surveillance: who is the target population [24]?
  • Our findings suggest that there are target populations in which supplementary L-arginine may be of therapeutic benefit in the amelioration of microvascular endothelial dysfunction [25].
  • In the initial part of the study, a questionnaire and skin-prick tests with latex and common inhalant allergens were administered to 273 of 289 (94%) members of the target population [26].
  • Mortality rates at the final follow-up of 28 days for placebo, lubeluzole 10 mg/d, and lubeluzole 20 mg/d were, respectively, 18%, 6%, and 35% in the target population, results that were confirmed in the intent-to-treat population [20].
  • The target population in these trials, particularly in regard to estrogen use, may be critical, as suggested by the findings of this study [27].

Gene context of Health Services Needs and Demand

  • However, IL-4 showed weak but significant BPA when peripheral blood (PB)-derived CD34+c-kit(low) cells were used as the target population [28].
  • We found an excess of intermediate alleles for both FRAXA and FRAXE in the target population, but it did not reach statistically significant difference [29].
  • The results of our experiments suggest that the mechanism of induction of TNF-alpha production by IFN-gamma or LPS, and the ultimate autocrine contribution of such TNF-alpha to a given activation response, is dependent on the activated macrophage target population under analysis [30].
  • TARGET POPULATION: Unaffected carriers of a single BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation 35 to 50 years of age [31].
  • These data suggest that acute phase levels of CRP may have divergent effects depending on the target population [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Health Services Needs and Demand


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