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BCR binds to the xeroderma pigmentosum group B protein.

The BCR gene is involved in the formation of the BCR-ABL oncogene responsible for the pathogenesis of Philadelphia chromosome-positive human leukemias. We have previously shown that P210 BCR-ABL binds to the xeroderma pigmentosum group B protein (XPB) through the portion of BCR that is homologous to the catalytic domain of GDP-GTP exchangers such as yeast CDC24 and Dbl. In the baculovirus overexpression system which facilitates binding of coexpressed proteins, we now show that XPB binds to the intact BCR protein efficiently but not to CDC24 or Dbl, suggesting specificity of this interaction. The binding of endogenous BCR and XPB proteins was also detected in Hela cells, and this was inhibited by a blocking peptide. Full-length (1-782) XPB and its truncated form (203-782), which does not contain the nuclear localization signal, were tagged with glutathione S-transferase (GST) and were expressed in Rat1 fibroblasts. GST-XPB(203-782) was localized predominantly in the cytoplasm and bound to BCR but not to p62, one of the other components in TFIIH. GST-XPB(1-782) was largely in the nucleus and bound to p62 and BCR. Although the biological significance of the binding remains to be uncovered, BCR binds to the XPB/ p62 complex.[1]


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