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Poisoning by Datura leaves used as edible wild vegetables.

The causes of Datura intoxication include medication overdose, misuse of edible vegetables, deliberate abuse as a hallucinogen, homicidal or robbery and accidental intoxication from contaminated food. We report an incident of 14 people with Datura intoxication caused by ingesting wild Datura suaveolans for food. The incubation period was 15 to 30 min. The symptoms/signs were dizziness, dry mouth, flushed skin, palpitation, nausea, drowsiness, tachycardia, blurred vision, mydriasis, hyperthermia, disorientation, vomiting, agitation, delirium, urine retention, hypertension and coma. Three patients were hospitalized for 2-3 days. Thirteen persons received supportive fluid therapy. One patient did not receive medical therapy, he induced vomiting and drank a lot of water. Four patients presented with delirium/coma and 3 received physostigmine therapy with good response. One patient was intubated because of coma and respiratory depression. Three persons needed Foley catheterization for urine retention or coma status. One patient had a complication of urinary tract infection and antibiotic management. All patients recovered with no sequelae.[1]


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