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Expression of the alpha7beta1 laminin receptor suppresses melanoma growth and metastatic potential.

The alpha7beta1 integrin is a laminin-binding receptor that was originally identified in melanoma. Here, we show that, in clonally derived mouse K1735 melanoma variant cell lines with high (M-2) and low (C-23) metastatic potential, elevated expression of alpha7 correlates with reduced cell motility, metastasis, and tumor growth. Both cell lines showed similar beta1 integrin-dependent adhesion to laminin-1 and the E8 laminin fragment. However, the highly metastatic M-2 cells rapidly migrated on laminin, whereas the nonmetastatic C-23 cells were minimally motile. Laminin-binding integrin profiles showed that the M-2 cells expressed moderate amounts of alpha1 and abundant alpha6 but low or undetectable levels of alpha2 and alpha7. By contrast, C-23 cells expressed low or undetectable levels of alpha1, alpha2, and alpha6 but had up-regulated levels of alpha7. Consistent with the protein data, Northern blot analysis showed that levels of alpha7 mRNA were highest in the poorly metastatic variant cells, whereas alpha6 message was not detected; in contrast, alpha6 mRNA was elevated in the highly metastatic cells, whereas alpha7 message was not detected. Forced expression of alpha7 in the M-2 cells suppressed cell motility, tumor growth, and metastasis. Collectively, these results indicate that, during melanoma progression, acquisition of a highly tumorigenic and metastatic melanoma phenotype is associated with loss of the alpha7beta1 laminin receptor.[1]


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