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SGT1 encodes an essential component of the yeast kinetochore assembly pathway and a novel subunit of the SCF ubiquitin ligase complex.

We have identified SGT1 as a dosage suppressor of skp1-4, a mutation causing defects in yeast kinetochore function. Sgt1p physically associates with Skp1p in vivo and in vitro. SGT1 is an essential gene, and different sgt1 conditional mutants arrest with either a G1 or G2 DNA content. Genetic and phenotypic analyses of sgt1-3 ( G2 allele) mutants support an essential role in kinetochore function. Sgt1p is required for assembling the yeast kinetochore complex, CBF3, via activation of Ctf13p. Sgt1p also associates with SCF (Skp1p/Cdc53p/F box protein) ubiquitin ligase. sgt1-5 ( G1 allele) mutants are defective in Sic1p turnover in vivo and Cln1p ubiquitination in vitro. Human SGT1 rescues an sgt1 null mutation, suggesting that the function of SGT1 is conserved in evolution.[1]


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