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Proliferation and differentiation of rat dorsal prostatic epithelial cells in collagen gel matrix culture, focusing upon effects of adipocytes.

BACKGROUND: Prostatic epithelial cells organize functional acinus structures under epithelial extracellular matrix and epithelial-stromal cell interactions. Recently, the adipose tissue, which surrounds and even exists within the prostate, has been suggested to affect the differentiation and proliferation of some cell types. Therefore, tissue fragments, which consist mainly of epithelial and fibromuscular stromal cells, were cultured in three-dimensional collagen gel matrix culture with adipocytes. METHODS: Tissue fragments of rat dorsal prostate, including both epithelial and fibromuscular stromal components, were cultured in collagen gel with or without adipocytes. Epithelial cell differentiation was evaluated with the reconstruction of acinus-like structures and with immunohistochemistry of rat dorsal prostate-specific proteins, dorsal protein-1 and probasin. The proliferation was examined by uridine uptake. RESULTS: Under coculture of the fragments and adipocytes, epithelial cells reconstructed more differentiated acinus-like structures surrounded by fibromuscular stromal cells than tissue fragment culture without adipocytes. Dorsal protein-1 and probasin expressions of epithelial cells in this coculture system were the same as in rat prostate in vivo. In the coculture, epithelial cells had a higher proliferation activity. CONCLUSION: These results indicate that adipocytes promote proliferation and differentiation of prostatic epithelial cells. Our new culture model with adipocytes suggests the importance of cell-cell interactions, including those of epithelial cells and adipocytes.[1]


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