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Bicalutamide monotherapy versus flutamide plus goserelin in prostate cancer patients: results of an Italian Prostate Cancer Project study.

PURPOSE: To compare the efficacy of bicalutamide monotherapy to maximal androgen blockade (MAB) in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Previously untreated patients with histologically proven stage C or D disease (American Urological Association Staging System) were randomly allocated to receive either bicalutamide or MAB. After disease progression, patients treated with bicalutamide were assigned to castration. The primary end point for this trial was overall survival. Secondary end points included response to treatment, disease progression, treatment safety, quality-of-life (QOL), and sexual function. RESULTS: A total of 108 patients received bicalutamide and 112 received MAB. There was no difference in the percentage of patients whose prostate-specific antigen returned to normal levels. At the time of the present analysis (median follow-up time, 38 months; range, 1 to 60 months), 129 patients progressed and 89 died. There was no difference in the duration of either progression-free survival or overall survival. However, a survival trend favored bicalutamide in stage C disease but MAB in stage D disease. Overall and subgroup trends were confirmed by multivariate analysis. Serious adverse events and treatment discontinuations were more common in patients receiving MAB (P =.08 and P =.04, respectively). Fewer patients in the bicalutamide group complained of loss of libido (P =. 01) and of erectile dysfunction (P =.002). Significant trends favored bicalutamide-treated patients also with respect to their QOL, namely relative to social functioning, vitality, emotional well-being, and physical capacity. CONCLUSION: Bicalutamide monotherapy yielded comparable results relative to standard treatment with MAB, induced fewer side effects, and produced a better QOL.[1]


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