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Gap junction intercellular communication in gliomas is inversely related to cell motility.

Gliomas are lethal because of local invasion into brain parenchyma. Glioma cells were isolated from different regions (white matter, gray matter and tumor core) of a glioma-bearing dog brain. Individual clonal cell lines were established from each area, and characterized for growth, migration and gap junctions. The regional clonal cell lines differed in rates and preferred substrate for migration. Cell lines generated from invaded white matter showed stimulated migration on collagen and variable migration on merosin, whereas migration of cell lines derived from invaded gray matter showed the reciprocal responses: stimulation on merosin and inhibition on collagen. Gap junctional communication showed significant degrees of variation between the different clones. A direct inverse relationship between the number of cells demonstrating gap junctional communication and migration rate of cells away from multicellular spheroids was evident. Glioma cells which have a reduced capacity to connect to each other have an accelerated migration rate onto autologous, glioma-derived matrix. These results suggest that invasive glioma cells suppress autologous cell-to-cell cohesion, partly evident as reduced formation of gap junctions. In addition, glioma cells were stimulated to migrate in a dose-dependant manner in response to epidermal growth factor ( EGF) coincident with the reduction of Cx43 levels and increased serine phosphorylation. We speculate that in order for glioma cells to invade locally into brain parenchyma they must first detach from neighboring cells ("let go...let's go" paradigm of invasion).[1]


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