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Localization of the Netherton syndrome gene to chromosome 5q32, by linkage analysis and homozygosity mapping.

Netherton syndrome (NS [ MIM 256500]) is a rare and severe autosomal recessive disorder characterized by congenital ichthyosis, a specific hair-shaft defect (trichorrhexis invaginata), and atopic manifestations. Infants with this syndrome often fail to thrive; life-threatening complications result in high postnatal mortality. We report the assignment of the NS gene to chromosome 5q32, by linkage analysis and homozygosity mapping in 20 families affected with NS. Significant evidence for linkage (maximum multipoint LOD score 10.11) between markers D5S2017 and D5S413 was obtained, with no evidence for locus heterogeneity. Analysis of critical recombinants mapped the NS locus between markers D5S463 and D5S2013, within an <3.5-cM genetic interval. The NS locus is telomeric to the cytokine gene cluster in 5q31. The five known genes encoding casein kinase Ialpha, the alpha subunit of retinal rod cGMP phosphodiesterase, the regulator of mitotic-spindle assembly, adrenergic receptor beta2, and the diastrophic dysplasia sulfate-transporter gene, as well as the 38 expressed-sequence tags mapped within the critical region, are not obvious candidates. Our study is the first step toward the positional cloning of the NS gene. This finding promises a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that control epidermal differentiation and immunity.[1]


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