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Characterization of the Ly49I promoter.

Fourteen potential Ly49 genes have been identified in the C57B1/6 mouse strain, and cDNAs containing a complete coding region have been isolated for 10 members of this gene family. Ly49 proteins are primarily expressed in natural killer (NK) cells. Although the sequence of the Ly49a promoter region has been published, no study of the cell-specific activity of the promoter has been reported. A 12-kb genomic fragment of the Ly49I gene was isolated and characterized by DNA sequencing. Approximately 5 kb of DNA sequence upstream of the first Ly49I exon was determined and this region was used to perform promoter analysis using luciferase reporter plasmid constructs. A core promoter was identified that was preferentially transcribed in a Ly49-expressing cell line, EL-4. Electrophoretic mobility shift assays using oligonucleotide probes from the core Ly49i promoter and comparable regions from the Ly49a promoter demonstrated the importance of TATA-related elements in generating EL-4 and NK cell-specific DNA/protein complexes.[1]


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