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Biphasic kinetics of the human DNA repair protein MED1 (MBD4), a mismatch-specific DNA N-glycosylase.

The human protein MED1 (also known as MBD4) was previously isolated in a two-hybrid screening using the mismatch repair protein MLH1 as a bait, and shown to have homology to bacterial base excision repair DNA N-glycosylases/lyases. To define the mechanisms of action of MED1, we implemented a sensitive glycosylase assay amenable to kinetic analysis. We show that MED1 functions as a mismatch-specific DNA N-glycosylase active on thymine, uracil, and 5-fluorouracil when these bases are opposite to guanine. MED1 lacks uracil glycosylase activity on single-strand DNA and abasic site lyase activity. The glycosylase activity of MED1 prefers substrates containing a G:T mismatch within methylated or unmethylated CpG sites; since G:T mismatches can originate via deamination of 5-methylcytosine to thymine, MED1 may act as a caretaker of genomic fidelity at CpG sites. A kinetic analysis revealed that MED1 displays a fast first cleavage reaction followed by slower subsequent reactions, resulting in biphasic time course; this is due to the tight binding of MED1 to the abasic site reaction product rather than a consequence of enzyme inactivation. Comparison of kinetic profiles revealed that the MED1 5-methylcytosine binding domain and methylation of the mismatched CpG site are not required for efficient catalysis.[1]


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