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Identification and characterization of Caenorhabditis elegans gamma-tubulin in dividing cells and differentiated tissues.

gamma-Tubulin is an essential component of the microtubule-nucleation machinery and therefore plays a crucial role during mitosis. To gain further insights into the function of this protein in the events that take place during embryogenesis and differentiation, we carried out detailed studies on gamma-tubulin during all the developmental stages of Caenorhabditis elegans. We identified the gamma-tubulin gene from this organism and analyzed the localization of the protein by both immunofluorescence and GFP reporter construct. We show that gamma-tubulin association with the centrosome is highly dynamic in mitotic cells, being massively recruited at prophase and released at anatelophase. This accumulation in mitotic centrosomes is dramatic during the first embryonic divisions. We provide the first description of the morphological changes at the centrosome level during the orientation of the mitotic spindle and the flattening of the posterior aster. Loss of function of the gamma-tubulin gene by RNAi induces a strong polyploidization of mitotic germ cells and embryos, but does not affect meiosis and pronuclear migration. In addition, we demonstrate the prominent redistribution of gamma-tubulin in adults at basal bodies of amphid and phasmid neurons, and at the apical membrane of polarized intestinal cells.[1]


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