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Purification and cloning of cytotoxic ribonucleases from Rana catesbeiana (bullfrog).

Ribonucleases with antitumor activity are mainly found in the oocytes and embryos of frogs, but the role of these ribonucleases in frog development is not clear. Moreover, most frog ribonuclease genes have not been cloned and characterized. In the present study, a group of ribonucleases were isolated from Rana catesbeiana (bullfrog). These ribonucleases in mature oocytes, namely RC-RNase, RC-RNase 2, RC-RNase 3, RC-RNase 4, RC-RNase 5 and RC-RNase 6, as well as liver-specific ribonuclease RC-RNase L1, were purified by column chromatographs and detected by zymogram assay and western blotting. Characterization of these purified ribonucleases revealed that they were highly conserved in amino acid sequence and had a pyroglutamate residue at their N-termini, but possessed different specific activities, base specificities and optimal pH values for their activities. These ribonucleases were cytotoxic to cervical carcinoma HeLa cells, but their cytotoxicities were not closely correlated to their enzymatic specific activities. Some other amino acid residues in addition to their catalytic residues were implicated to be involved in the cytotoxicity of the frog ribonucleases to tumor cells. Because the coding regions lack introns, the ribonuclease genes were cloned by PCR using genomic DNA as template. Their DNA sequences and amino acid sequences are homologous to those of mammalian ribonuclease superfamily, approximately 50 and approximately 25%, respectively.[1]


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