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Seven genes that are differentially transcribed in colorectal tumor cell lines.

To identify genes which are differentially transcribed in colorectal tumor cells, we compared the two human tumor cell lines, SW480 and HCT116, with the cell line, NCM460, from normal colon epithelium as a control. Using the methods of differential display reverse transcription PCR and Northern blot hybridization, we detected the differential transcription of seven genes: cholecystokinin, reticulocalbin, Rab5 guanine nucleotide exchange factor Rabex5, caldesmon, differentiation related gene 1 ( drg1), taxol resistant associated gene 3 (Trag-3) and the gene for the placental protein, diff33. The yet unidentified cDNA of the human Rabex5 gene and the 3' untranslated region of the human caldesmon gene were cloned.[1]


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