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Captopril MR renography in a swine model: toward a comprehensive evaluation of renal arterial stenosis.

PURPOSE: To test the feasibility of captopril magnetic resonance (MR) renography and to validate the technique in an animal model of renal arterial stenosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Seven pigs with induced renal arterial stenosis were studied. MR renography was performed with a T1-weighted approach by using three-dimensional fast imaging with steady-state precession, or FISP, sequences after administration of a bolus of 0.1 mmol of gadopentetate dimeglumine per kilogram of body weight. Captopril was administered to improve the specificity. RESULTS: The results demonstrate that differences in renographic curves and indices are observed only if an anatomically substantial stenosis, typically a diameter reduction of more than 70%, is present and captopril is administered. CONCLUSION: In this preliminary experience in an animal model, captopril MR renography provided data consistent with expectations based on conventional renographic results.[1]


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