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Regulation of the differentiation and behaviour of extra-embryonic endodermal cells by basement membranes.

Both the extracellular matrix and parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) have been implicated in the differentiation and migration of extra-embryonic endodermal cells in the pre-implantation mammalian blastocyst. In order to define the individual roles and interactions between these factors in endodermal differentiation, we have used embryoid bodies derived from Lamc1(-/-) embryonic stem cells that lack basement membranes. The results show that in the absence of basement membranes, increased numbers of both visceral and parietal endodermal cells differentiate, but they fail to form organised epithelia. Furthermore, although parietal endodermal cells only migrate away from control embryoid bodies in the presence of PTHrP, they readily migrate from Lamc1(-/-) embryoid bodies in the absence of PTHrP, and this migration is unaffected by PTHrP. Thus, the basement membrane between epiblast and extra-embryonic endoderm is required for the proper organisation of visceral and parietal endodermal cells and also restricts their differentiation to maintain the population of primitive endodermal stem cells. Moreover, this basement membrane inhibits migration of parietal endodermal cells, the role of PTHrP being to stimulate delamination of parietal endodermal cells from the basement membrane rather than promoting migration per se.[1]


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