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Gene Review

Pthlh  -  parathyroid hormone-like peptide

Mus musculus

Synonyms: PLP, PTH-like, PTH-rP, PTH-related peptide, PTHrP, ...
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Disease relevance of Pthlh


High impact information on Pthlh


Chemical compound and disease context of Pthlh


Biological context of Pthlh

  • In all 114 meiotic events examined, the Pthlh locus cosegregated with the locus for the Kirsten ras-2 gene (Kras-2) which was previously localized to distal mouse chromosome 6 [14].
  • These studies confirm the previous localization of Pthlh to mouse chromosome 6 using somatic cell hybrids and show that the Pthlh/PTHLH locus is a part of a conserved linkage group between distal mouse chromosome 6 and the proximal segment of the short arm of human chromosome 12 [14].
  • Together, the results suggest a model in which Ihh coordinates diverse aspects of skeletal morphogenesis through PTHrP-dependent and independent processes [15].
  • These findings establish a pivotal role for osteoblast-derived PTH-related protein (PTHrP) as a potent endogenous bone anabolic factor that potentiates bone formation by altering osteoblast recruitment and survival and whose level of expression in the bone microenvironment influences the therapeutic efficacy of exogenous PTH 1-34 [16].
  • The osteoporotic phenotype was recapitulated in mice with osteoblast-specific targeted disruption of Pthrp, generated using Cre-LoxP technology, and defective bone formation was reaffirmed as the underlying etiology [16].

Anatomical context of Pthlh


Associations of Pthlh with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Pthlh


Regulatory relationships of Pthlh


Other interactions of Pthlh

  • Previously, we have shown that PTHrP also acts downstream of transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) in a common signaling cascade to regulate hypertrophic differentiation in embryonic mouse metatarsal organ cultures [27].
  • Furthermore, by regulating distal chondrocyte differentiation, Gli3 seems to position the domain of PTHrP expression [28].
  • In addition, the expression of tenascin C, another marker of the mammary mesenchyme, is also dependent on PTHrP [22].
  • Furthermore the expression of the Ihh target genes patched (Ptch) and PTHrP is reactivated in Ihh-/-;Gli3-/- mutants [28].
  • Multipotential mesenchymal cells (C3H10T1/2) transfected with normal or mutant PTH-1Rs and MC3T3-E1 osteoblastic cells were used to explore the roles of PTH, PTHrP, and the PTH-1R in cell viability relative to osteoblastic differentiation [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pthlh


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