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Expression of placental lactogen and cytokeratin in bovine placental binucleate cells in culture.

Binucleate cells are present in ruminant placenta and play an endocrine role in the production of many hormones during pregnancy. We isolated and cultured binucleate cells from bovine placenta at middle to late gestation and characterized these cells using immunofluorescence techniques. Enriched preparations of binucleate cells were obtained using Percoll density gradient centrifugation following collagenase digestion. Binucleate cells in culture preferentially attached to collagen-coated dishes rather than to noncoated plastic dishes. The cells gradually extended their edges on collagen substrata, and finally assumed a flattened morphology. Antibodies to placental lactogen ( PL) and pregnancy-associated glycoprotein-1 (PAG-1) specifically stained the majority of round binucleate cells, but not the flat cells. We found that PL-positive binucleate cells were consistently devoid of cytokeratin. In contrast, cytokeratin was expressed in PL-negative binucleate cells as well as mononuclear epithelial cells. Furthermore, the PL-negative flat binucleate cells also developed intense cytokeratin networks in the cytoplasm. These results indicate that cytokeratin expression is inversely proportionate to that of PL in cultured binucleate cells. We conclude that downregulation of cytokeratin in binucleate cells is a function of the state of cellular differentiation.[1]


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