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Small changes in the regulation of one Arabidopsis profilin isovariant, PRF1, alter seedling development.

Profilin ( PRF) is a low-molecular-weight actin binding protein encoded by a diverse gene family in plants. Arabidopsis PRF1 transcripts are moderately well expressed in all vegetative organs. A regulatory mutant in PRF1, prf1-1, was isolated from a library of T-DNA insertions. The insertion disrupted the promoter region of PRF1 100 bp upstream from the transcriptional start site. Although steady state levels of PRF1 transcripts appeared normal in mature prf1-1 plants, the levels in young seedlings were only one-half those observed in wild type. Reactions with a PRF1 isovariant-specific monoclonal antiserum and general anti- profilin antisera demonstrated that PRF1 protein levels also were one-half those found in wild-type seedlings, although total profilin levels were unaffected. Mutant seedlings no longer could downregulate PRF1 levels in the light, as did wild type. Consistent with their molecular phenotypes, young mutant seedlings displayed several morphological phenotypes but developed into apparently normal adult plants. Their initial germination rate and development were slow, and they produced excessive numbers of root hairs. Mutant seedlings had abnormally raised cotyledons, elongated hypocotyls, and elongated cells in the hypocotyl, typical of phenotypes associated with some defects in light and circadian responses. A wild-type PRF1 transgene fully complements the hypocotyl phenotypes in the prf1-1 mutant. The ability of profilin to regulate actin polymerization and participate directly in signal transduction pathways is discussed in light of the prf1-1 phenotypes.[1]


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