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Molecular cloning of human thiamin pyrophosphokinase.

Thiamin pyrophosphokinase (TPK, EC catalyses phosphorylation of thiamin to thiamin pyrophosphate, an active enzyme cofactor. Here we describe the cloning of complete human TPK1 cDNA from an adult liver library. Human TPK1 is 89% identical to murine TPK1 at the protein level. The gene maps to chromosome 7q34-36, consists of at least eight exons, and spans a distance at least of 420 kb. The mRNA of human TPK1 is highly expressed in testis, small intestine and kidney with lesser but detectable expression in brain, liver, placenta and spleen. The availability of the human TPK1 gene will provide another useful tool for studying the role of this enzyme in human thiamin metabolism and deficiency state.[1]


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